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Me & The Crew =)


My Name Is Ashley, And Im The Owner Of These 3 Wonderful Dogs & 1 Cat. This Is My First Time Doing A Blog. And Super Excited About It. Im Going To Review Wonderful & Healthy Pet Products. I Never Really Knew Much About The Difference In Dog Foods & Treats Until I Got Mia, Her Allergies Made Me Start Researching Alot. And Then The Truth About Pet Food Shocked Me. I Never Knew How Much Horrible Low Quality I Was Feeding My Pets. Now I Can Share Great Foods, Treats, & Other Products With You. 

Thank You & Enjoy.

Ashley =)

This Is My SideKick Dino. He Is A 7 Year Old American Pitbull Terrier. I Have Had Him Since He Was 3 Weeks Old. When You Bottle Feed A Animal Its Such Amazing Bond. He Is Big & Scary But LOVES Kids. He Is A Wonderful Dog But He Does Have Faults. He Has Major OCD, Male Aggression (Human & Dogs)And He Enjoys The Outdoors More Then Inside. He Is My Best Friend And Have Been Through Alot Together. 

This Is My Baby Girl Mia, She Is About 5 Years Old Pitbull/Staffy Mix. She Was About 11 Months When I Saved Her, Very Skinny Scared Little Girl. Now She Is Beyond Happy Girl. And Has The Best Life She Could Have. She Is My Money Girl. She Has Terrible Allergies. Main One Chicken. And Always Having Some Skin Issues. She Is The Perfect Dog In My Eyes. I Let Her Get Away With Alot. =) 

Miss Little Bella. BIG FOSTER FAIL!!! Wasn't Planning On Getting A 3rd Dog But Things Happen. A Guy Was Taking Her To The Pound At Only 10 Weeks Old. So We Were Going To "Foster" Her. Until We Got Her Fixed And Health Up To 100%. But My Boyfriend Fell In Love And She Is Still With Us Today. She Is A Crazy Little Thing. She Is Very Sweet & Loving. Ball Crazyyy. She Loves Mia. They Are Best Friends. She Has To Sleep Under The Covers. If Not Just Curls Up In A Ball And Gives You This Sad Puppy Eyes. Shes Only About 50lbs. Full Grown. Very Small. We Were Told Both Parents Were Both Pitbulls But I Think Something Else Is In There. But I Don't Care. And Her & Dino Get Along Good. She Takes Him Down. He Is Very Easy With Her. 

Cookie Jr. 

He Was My Grandma's Cat. But We Had To Take Him In Because Of Her Old Age, Then Sadly She Passed Away. We Don't Know Much About Him Because My Grandma Use To Live In A Trailer Park. And Thats How She Got Him. He Just Showed Up. We Believe Its The Son Of Her Cat Cookie That Died From Poison A Few Years Back. But He Is Amazing Cat. He Is Rough Looking. But Is So Sweet & Loving. The Dogs & Him Get Along Great. They Are Scared Of Him Lol. He Is The King Of The House.