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Angel Pet Products (Cat Collar)

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Angel Pet Supplies started in 2006 when they wanted a better and unique collar for their lab Angel. Finally they got tired of looking and buying expensive collars that weren't even good quality. That's when Angel Pet Supplies became =) They have so many different dog collar choices and now have cat collars that are made with Genuine Leather in Canada. Their Angel Elite collection is beautiful & unique. Angel Pet Supplies also has heavy duty muzzles, leashes, and harnesses. Prices are amazing for such high quality products. 

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*We received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion* 

Angel Pet Supplies Sent us a Studded Leather Cat Collar for Cookie to Review.



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Angel Pet Supplies Studded Leather Cat Collar 

I normally buy Cookie a collar with the breakaway clips, so he has never had a really "Bad Ass" kind of collar. He is a indoor & outdoor cat and loves to get into things so I worry that he will get caught on something. BUT this collar has a elastic stretch on it, which if he does get stuck he can slip through. Another feature is a small Bell, it's not one of those annoying super loud ones. I usually cut his bells off but this one is perfect. They come in 6 wonderful colors & 2 different sizes: 10 & 12 inches. I also thought Leather this collar will be heavy but no, it's light. The price for one of these is only $16.95 for a 10 inch and $18.95 for a 12 inch.  We highly recommend this Collar to cat owners who want something totally different for their cat. 

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