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Frisco Bench Car Seat Review (


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Dog hair is such a pain in the butt, especially in the car! 

It's the hardest thing ever to get out. 

We got to review Frisco New Bench Car Seat cover from


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Frisco Quilted Water Resistant Bench Seat Cover

Made with quilted, heavy duty Oxford polyester that's resistant to water, spills, stains and color bleeding.

Easy Clean, machine washable. I even took cleaning wipes and it came clean. 


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Fits most cars, If the headrest are too low, you can just take the straps, lay the seats down and tuck behind when shutting. I put mine under the latch that hooks to the trunk.  They will stay in place. This is what I did with my car.

It even has corner straps to make more secure. 


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Going to the river, Dino always gets sand everywhere in the car. This seat cover helped so much. All I had to do was shake it off. 

This cover has been a life saver!!


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Price on is $42.99



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